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Adodd Serenity Wellness is one of the Top 10 Spa’s for Yoni Steaming in the Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex. We are here for you and too share more Knowledge about the benefits of Yoni Steaming Benefits of a Yoni Vaginal Steaming to so much more than Steaming the Vagina, Yoni steaming has so many more benefits for the body. This practice has been around for over 100’s of year in other countries. We here in the United States are just know practicing & learning more about it.

  • Yoni is one of the best body detoxifiers its detox’s the body of harmful chemicals.
  • Helps with Immune deficiencies. It can Boost the immune by 50%
  • Balance out your PH Levels, this helps with mood swings, migraines.
  • If you have had a Hysterectomy. It helps with vaginal wetness etc.…
  • Its increase’s the blood circulation in the body not just the Vagina.
  • It increases Vaginal Wetness and tightens the Vagina.
  • It helps with Menstrual Cramping, Bloating, Cist, Fibroids.
  • It cleanses the cervix, from old blood built up from monthly minstrels.
  • It helps with Vaginal odors.
  • It helps with sleep disorders.
  • Smooth out hair follicle bumps from shaving.
  • Helps with Dryness, Yeast infections.
  • Decrease Depression
  • Perfect for anyone who has had a Baby, Post-partum Depression
  • Removes Negative & Toxic Energy from body Example:
  • Stress from Job
  • Bad Breakup with Ex-boyfriends
  • Divorce
  • ETC…

Yoni has no age limit if you are a woman and has come into Woman Hood this is for you.


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