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Adodd Serenity Wellness Spa

I've always been a very spiritual person and I strive to live a centered life. After surviving breast cancer, it made me more aware of my body, it made me start looking for better solution for my body. I became obsesses with living healthier, eating better, exercising more. But I always felt as if that was not enough. I still felt as if something was missing, I did not feel complete, still very restless finding it hard to shut my body & mind off and rest at night. I started reading about Yoni and was immediately drawn to it had to get a steam ASAP once I received my first steam went home felt so much lighter, mind was clearer, body felt great.

I knew from that day I wanted to share this amazing Holistic Healing Medicine with everyone. I had the pleasure to come in contact with. During my certification, I learned about the amazing benefits for a woman's body, as well as how meditation and Yoni steaming go hand and hand. Yoni steaming is a Ministry for me now...it’s a way for me to give back to my sisters through meditation and holistic healing. When you walk into Adodd Serenity I want you to feel like you can leave your problems for a minute and come and relax and recharge. Your mind, your body, and your spirit- only Heaven can serve you better!


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