Before You Get A Yoni Steam Massage. . .

Before getting a V Steam Spa treatment, It’s better to know:

  • A yoni massage should be avoided during:

    Pregnancy and Menstruation

  • Yoni steam is recommended when you don’t have:

    Vaginal infections, wounds, sores, stitches, or blisters

  • Massage serenity comes with Yoni steam when:

    When it’s not the ovulation period

  • For a complete serenity wellness spa service:

    Any piercings will need to be removed

  • Yoni steam should also be avoided when:

    You have a high body temperature or fever

These Products Will Tranquillize You

Lipo Cavitation

Ultra Laser Lipo Cavitation

This is a non-intrusive method utilizing ultrasound to separate fat from the body. This method is a substitute option on the off chance that you look for a fat decrease in zones related to liposuction yet are exhausted about going under the blade.

30 MIN
$ 40

Services & Fees

Party Packages

Let Adodd Serenity Wellness be your gathering place for spa parties! What better way to relax and have fun with friends and family than by planning a day with us? We will work with you to plan the perfect day! We offer corporate events as well as bachelorette, bridal, and private parties for anniversaries and more.

30 MIN
$ 35

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